home energy assessment

With our basic home assessment, we come to your home and first inspect the shell of your home. This is your lowest to grade floor, your walls, your windows and doors, your ceiling and roof line. We will use an infrared camera in order to pick up hot and cold spots. We then inspect the interior of your home checking items such as any visible duct work to the type of light bulbs you use. This is a free service. With our premier home assessment we will schedule an unbiased, LG&E/KU approved third part to come and do a more extensive evaluation which will include a blower door test.

foam insulation

spray foam insulationWe exclusively use and are the areas only certified installer of Applegate Insulations’ R Foam. Applegate is the nations leading manufacture of closed cavity injectable foam. We offer open and closed cell spray foam and specialize in remodels and smaller applications that most spray foam companies shy away from or charge a premium.

windows and doors

We offer an excellent selection of quality replacement windows and doors including View Point from Norandex and Simonton Windows which has won a J.D. Power award for highest Customer satisfaction 4 years in a row!

window film

Many times people are sold new window packages because a salesman shows them how much heat or cold is coming through the glass. According to the U.S Dept. of Energy and the Oakridge National Laboratory, single pane glass window has an R-value of .91 while double pane, 3/16” insulated glass has an R-value of only 1.61. While there are windows that can achieve a greater R-value, replacing your windows is not always the answer. We offer a wide selection of residential window films including Low E films that can block over 80% of solar the energy that comes through your windows, block out 99% of the suns’ harmful ultraviolet rays and redirect interior heat back into your home.

full service

spraying insulationWe specialize in improving the energy efficiency of your home or building. Please understand that while we strive to make that process as painless as possible, this is still construction and issues can arise. WE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU HANGING. We have over 25 years of experience in the building and remodeling industry so we can complete your project from start to finish. For example, if it is necessary to insulate your walls from the inside a hole will be drilled in your wall to gain access. Most insulation companies will tell you they don’t do drywall repair or paint so you’re left having to figure out how to fix your wall. When you hire Green Blanket Insulation we can take care of any issue that arises. There will be no need to find someone else to complete your project.